Ynt: MT6575 İ9500 sustu ve sistem bilgilerini bilmiyorum

bunu nasıl yüklüycez peki sadece bu yükleniyo mu?

3 responses to “Ynt: MT6575 İ9500 sustu ve sistem bilgilerini bilmiyorum

  1. Yayuk

    i haven’t done any porting yet cause i dint have any rom for my goohpone s3? i just tried to install update on the stock clock after rooting, but instead of updating it, it erased the clock and didn’t install the update. that’s why i rebooted and it only boot looped until i removed and put the battery back on. using the power and down button i entered the factory reset mode but still no clock appearing after factory reset. i decided to try using the recovery mode and the screen is blank and sometimes white lines only and no recovery menu.

    1. Berlynn

      Supongo que la noticia ya le habrá llegado logicamente, pero la junta electoral central ha rechazado dicha coioación.Estly de acuerdo en que el problema es de I.R. pero en mi opinion IU debería informarse de uienes son las personas con quien negocian.

  2. Norm

    Great review, i only tried an e-gar once and it was quite larger than this model, but I did like it very much and would get more if I could find them loalcly. This def would be a cool way to go for a day of golfing


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