Ynt: mtk 6577 s4 rom 540/960

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bir yandan iyi biryandan kötü :D

Hocam ekran 540×960 oldugu icin 4.2.2 rom yok jelly bean yapmak istiyorum rom bulabilir misiniz ?

2 responses to “Ynt: mtk 6577 s4 rom 540/960

  1. Trey

    Hello,I recently boghut a V12 MTK 6577 (hdmi) and unfortunately received a V12 MTK6575 (hdmi) . On top of that the phone reboots every time it goes to sleep and in order to prevent rebooting I have used an app to keep it always awake. That of course has an impact in the battery life.Do you know what the problem might be and if there is an official or custom Rom I could update it with in the hope of eliminating the reboots?thanks

    1. Hayle

      Some really great tips to sh…reaI also have made myself some mini cards with combos I really like to use so I know the colors for the next time.


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