Ynt: Cwm mod 4.1.9 Stock rom kendi yedeğim

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540×960 mı

480×800.. deneme olmaz.

2 responses to “Ynt: Cwm mod 4.1.9 Stock rom kendi yedeğim

  1. Emir

    I did follow the root precsos for galaxy note 2 from your website. But when I try the above precsos for backup the CWM menu popped up. How do I change to the TWRP recovery?Thank you for the guides

  2. Keyon

    Great equipment! We purchased two for bilateral exercise.out of 5 starsA therapist recommended bilateral bike exercise for our daughter post stroke. Since she has no balance we purchased two of these to be used sisamtuneoully while she sits in a chair – one under the table for her feet and one on the table for her hands. They work perfectly. In reading about brain plasticity we are encouraged that moving in this way may help her to recoup more of the losses she has suffered.


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